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VAWG: We are helping to prevent violence against a million women and girls

What Works to Prevent Violence, a pilot programme led by the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO), has successfully halved the levels of physical and sexual violence committed by men against their partners in pilot communities.  

The first phase of the seven-year project was launched in 2013. It engaged leading international experts to produce rigorous evidence on the most effective interventions to drive down rates of VAWG, aiming to stop violence against one million of the world’s poorest women and girls across Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

Women and children smiling

Wilton Park’s role in preventing violence against women and girls

Wilton Park leveraged conveying power and influence to bring together experts and help the What Works to Prevent Violence programme progress to its next stage, increasing the scale and subsequent impact and helping to prevent violence against women and girls.

The outcomes of What Works were reviewed at a Wilton Park dialogue, which increased awareness, knowledge and understanding of what does and doesn’t work to prevent violence against women and girls. It aimed to define a global agenda for Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) prevention.

Our works helps to progress our partners’ programme of work .The expertise gathered at the conference was then used to inform the next stage of the programme: What Works to Prevent Violence: Impact at Scale, which was launched in November 2019. 

This programme will reduce violence against women and girls globally through innovative project delivery, taking successful interventions to scale, and using evidence to influence others to programme at scale.

Our participants

“The meeting at Wilton Park provided an incredible amount of very high level information and key lessons. The knowledge and the network created have informed a lot of the work being done at the Womanity Foundation on our programme focused on prevention of VAWG – The Womanity Award.”

Laura Somoggi, The Womanity Foundation

“The institutional and individual commitments shared during the meeting will keep us all on task in the next couple of years for tangible outcomes. It was a wonderful opportunity for collaboration and networking with multiple stakeholders and to present and learn.” 


“What do you think need to happen to radically reduce violence in the lives of women and girls by 2030?


We contacted participants after the event. Most went on to form a strong network with other participants, collaborating with them on preventing VAWG:

“New collaborations formed — considerable advocacy work being done. New relationships lead to joint advocacy and programming initiatives.”

“We have continued working very closely with a number of participants after the event and some of them are now participating in development of our new strategy for 2021-2025”

“Since the event, I managed to develop strong relationships with many of the participants including work and co-funding collaborations.”

“It was very helpful in terms of framing the new challenges ahead for prevention work, as well as leading to several new collaborations that we are involved in.”

The What Works programme has had enormous impact already, which is evidenced on its website’s Evidence Hub.