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Global economy

Global trade

In the aftermath of COVID-19 the global economic outlook is challenging. Wilton Park is focusing on the issues that will enable the rebuilding of global economic prosperity, and the changes needed to ensure the future global economy is green, just, and fair. Wilton Park is working on cutting edge policy issues that seek to transform economies in the face of climate change and inequalities, recognising the revolutions happening in science, technology, digital, robotics and AI, among others.

As the UK forges new relationships with our global economic partners, Wilton Park is convening policy dialogues contributing to the UK’s new trade policy including our role as a champion of the Rules Based International System.

Discussions will focus on:

  • the transformational reforms needed to ‘green the economic recovery’,
  • global trading arrangements,
  • innovations and technology in economic development and the global governance that will be needed,
  • efforts to tackle corruption
  • sectors such as agriculture, and clean energy, continuing previous Wilton Park dialogues
  • building a skilled workforce needed for the future economy,

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