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Multilateral institutions, key countries and regions


Wilton Park helps to build trust, relationships and shared understanding across key organisations, countries and regions.

One of the ways in which it does this is to organise dialogues aimed at strengthening the effectiveness of multilateral organisations, in particular the UN. Wilton Park has worked closely with UN departments and agencies across all three of its pillars of peace and security, human rights and development. Climate change related discussions have become one of the most important elements of Wilton Park’s work in the global governance space.

Wilton Park’s scope is global, but it also convenes dialogues with a regional or national focus, often bringing people together from the same country or region who otherwise had not met previously. From the Indo-Pacific and Americas, to Europe, Africa and the Middle East, Wilton Park continues to convene groups to discuss the key challenges facing local, national, regional and global communities. 

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