Wilton Park in Washington

Having recently partnered with the Center on the United States and Europe (CUSE) at Brookings on their May 2016 annual conference, with a debate on the Future of the UK in Europe, our hub in Washington is continuing its work to foster transatlantic political dialogue. Before the end of the year it will engage with various policy communities, facilitating a number of events, covering a range of programmes.

In September this year our hub will be partnering with Microsoft on a US based event focusing on International Cyber Norms. Having emerged as a key foreign and security policy challenge, this event, chaired by Wilton Park USA Board Member Harvey Rishikof, will provide a timely insight into the emerging norms within this evolving topic.

Work is also underway on an event surrounding access to safe medicine and the importance protecting public health against the dangers of falsified, stolen and diverted medicine. This event will build on previous Wilton Park activity in order to convene the relevant stakeholders to facilitate good governance and increased transparency to protect public health globally.

Further information for all WPUSA events can be found on our website and twitter page.

For specific information regarding the upcoming events please email our Program Manager, James Hoobler.

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