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Youth Dialogues

Since 2017 Wilton Park has organised a series of Youth Dialogues, focusing on the Middle East, Africa and Europe. The Dialogues bring together young people, government and non-governmental organisations, civil society, academics, educationalists and business leaders for honest, inclusive conversations about young people and their role in addressing local, regional and global challenges. They provide a forum to discuss the effectiveness of existing policy approaches and explore what new approaches are needed in order to co-create a more peaceful and prosperous world.

Key themes of the series include:

  • Education: no child left behind and a new education revolution
  • Employment: time for change
  • Young people as decision makers: sitting at the table
  • Young people as peacemakers: securing the future
  • Young people in conflict: healing the unseen wounds of wars

Explore more: Read our Youth Dialogue Brochure.