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The Wilton Park Board is appointed by the Secretary of State to advise the British Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) and the Ministers on the management and finances of Wilton Park.

The Board is chaired by a non executive chair who also chairs the Advisory Council.

The Board additionally comprises the Senior Reporting Officer (SRO), the Director for Communications, the Director for Strategy and one other senior FCDO official.

It may be attended by Senior Civil Servants from other Government Departments involved in our work at the invitation of the Chair.

The Chief Executive will represent Wilton Park. The Chief Executive may be accompanied by senior managers as appropriate.

The Secretary of State may also appoint a number of external representatives with relevant experience, for example from the private sector, as s/he considers appropriate.

The period of membership for external representatives on the Wilton Park Board will be three years renewable for a further three years.

The role of the Wilton Park Board is to:

  • Agree strategy and objectives, including the Business Plan, and annual financial and other performance targets;
  • Monitor and evaluate our progress generally and its performance against targets, including continuous risk assessment;
  • Advise on the allocation of financial and human resources;
  • Agree our annual reports and accounts;
  • Oversee the process of change, encouraging innovation, and enhancing our  capacity to deliver;
  • Ensure that Wilton Park is run in a way consistent with FCDO values and the Civil Service Code.

The non-executive Chair will play a pivotal role – ensuring that all stakeholders work closely and effectively together.

Terms of Reference

Board members

  • Gisela Stuart, Chair
  • Colin Smith, interim Chief Executive, Wilton Park
  • Iain Morgan, retired finance director to the Surgeon-General, MOD
  • Victoria Rae, Consultant and Executive Coach
  • Andy Townend, Chief Executive, Townend Consulting Group

Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office members:

  • Helen Bower-Easton, Director of Communication
  • Liane Saunders, Strategy Director and Strategic Programmes Coordinator