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COP26 Catalyst for Climate Action: Action recommendations for capacity building

COP26 Catalyst for Climate Action is a framework initiated by the UK COP26 Presidency and convened by Wilton Park, which brings together key stakeholders on capacity building in support of the Paris Agreement to discuss challenges and to catalyse action in four key thematic areas.

Launch of the COP26 Catalyst Call to Action

On behalf of the COP26 Catalyst partners, we’re delighted to launch the COP26 Catalyst Call to Action. Drawing together some of the common themes from the Recommendations produced by the four Action Groups, the Call to Action is a celebration of the transformative impact that effective capacity building can have, but also an impassioned plea to urgently ramp up the pace and scale of capacity building efforts.

We look forward to engaging with those involved in delivering capacity building across the globe in the months following COP26 as we work towards realising the goals it sets out.

In addition to regular meetings of Action Groups comprising technical experts and partner countries, we have hosted a series of regional and global conversations to better understand the capacity-building challenges faced by developing countries as they prepare to implement the Paris Agreement.

These conversations brought together key stakeholders on capacity building for access to finance, participation in carbon markets, action on adaptation, and transparency and reporting.  

The Action Recommendations linked below communicate the key priorities for action in each of these areas, as identified by the Action Group members as well as by hundreds of stakeholders consulted during 2021.

If you agree with these recommendations, please join us!

The COP26 Catalyst partners invite further countries and international organisations to endorse these recommendations. If your country or institution would like to be included in one of the documents, please email putting the theme you would like to endorse as the subject line (eg. Subject: Transparency and Reporting).

Please send a separate email for each document you would like to endorse, including your logo as an attachment.

Please send this request from an official email address to avoid further verification processes. We look forward to welcoming you!

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