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African infrastructure projects: driving momentum, delivering jobs and improving livelihoods (WP1329)



Monday 23 to Wednesday 25 March, 2015

This conference brought together a broad spectrum of stakeholders in order to share perspectives and experiences of how best to support infrastructure projects, as well as the regulatory and administrative barriers on the African continent.

Executive summary

The international community is faced with gross inadequacies where infrastructure is concerned, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa. The main issue is that infrastructure provides the bedrock for all forms of economic growth across society and when it falters the economy will suffer. This issue is worth exploring because of the significant potential within the region. Sub-Saharan Africa is on a trend of strong economic growth and those who solve the problems of African infrastructure, improving livelihoods and delivering jobs will be set to benefit the most.

Analysis: the report digests a wealth of information given by participants from across the spectrum of infrastructure planning, finance and development and attempts to portray a balanced insight into the problems and solutions. In doing so, it looks at the financial sector, governance, regulation, particular case studies and partnerships. It concludes on several forward-looking points: that local partnerships and national diasporas must be explored; that policy must become more transparent and expunge corruption and that human well-being must strategically work alongside infrastructure projects.

Further information

Conference: Powering Africa: helping energy infrastructure investment deliver growth and connectivity

International Energy Agency (IEA) report: Africa Energy Outlook

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