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British German Forum: working together at home and abroad post Covid 





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Programme Director
Rich Roberts

Project Manager
Andrea Fallon


The aim of the Forum, throughout its 38-year history, has been to deepen bilateral relations between Britain and Germany, by inviting future leaders from both countries to engage in new dialogues and build partnerships. 

The 2023 British German Forum will take place at a unique juncture characterised by geopolitical uncertainty and rising national economic challenges within both countries. Taking Russia’s unjust invasion of Ukraine as a starting point, the dialogues will focus on three key areas: (i) future security strategies, (ii) energy security, and (iii) information environments and challenges. 

The 2023 Forum will provide a space for participants to look at how to respond to these challenges and opportunities and explore the following critical questions: 

  1. How could Britain and Germany work together to respond to an increasingly unpredictable geopolitical arena in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and how can collaboration feed into each country’s long-term security strategy?
  2. What could Britain and Germany do to further cooperate around the present energy crisis, and how can strategies feed into wider climate goals? 
  3. What opportunities are there for Britain and Germany to work together to respond to current challenges within information environments, and what lessons and techniques can be shared to combat wider problems including rises in disinformation?

Successive crises have created an unprecedented storm of uncertainty and political instability. Wilton Park will convene young leaders from range of sectors to discuss these significant challenges to further define, outline and structure pathways for Britain and Germany’s post-Brexit collaboration. 

The British German Forum was established by Helmut Kohl and Margaret Thatcher in 1985 and has been an annual event ever since. The Forum provides a dynamic space in which participants can network and share ideas among their peers and gain insight and inspiration from experienced professionals. Through dialogue, it aims to facilitate both increased shared understanding and the building of strong relationships between influential young Britons and Germans. 

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