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Ambassadorial Summit 2024

Thursday April 25 - Friday April 26 2024 I WP3426

Ambassadorial Summit 3

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Project Manager
Sarah-Jane Holtam

In June 2023 we hosted an Ambassadorial Summit, inviting some of the key foreign diplomats based in the UK to join a discussion on UK foreign policy and its relation to key global issues and the future of multilateralism.

The second Ambassadorial Summit in April 2024 will focus on Europe, and is an opportunity for London-based Heads of Mission to join their UK counterparts to discuss the forthcoming UK international agenda.

Participants will consider themes including Europe as a security actor and space in the face of rising threats and a retreating US; science and technology, what’s important to young people in the UK and insights into UK public opinion.

The dialogue will provide space to network, share ideas and insights, and consider and challenge the UK’s upcoming Europe agenda.

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