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Building a skilled workforce in South East Asia: harnessing partnerships for success (WP1507)


As part of the UK’s Education is GREAT campaign, we organised a thought-leadership dialogue on the skills and training required by the future workforce in the ASEAN region.

This dialogue brought together over 60 thought-leaders from across ASEAN for an interactive discussion on how countries can best prepare the next generation of students for the future workplace including consideration of disruptive technologies with particular focus on:

  • collaboration between schools, universities and private industry in a ‘whole of education’ approach through the promotion of STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and TVET (technical and vocational education and training)
  • innovative approaches to providing broader skills for employability
  • identifying opportunities to maximise partnerships to provide the skilled workforce of tomorrow

This event contributes towards achieving Sustainable Development Goal 4 ‘Ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning’ which every country is committed to, and the Ninth ASEAN Education Ministers meeting on education in the ASEAN region.

Empowering lives by providing a quality education to every child continues to be one of the foremost challenges for all countries. Having a workforce with the skills needed to deliver economic prosperity for a country depends on an education policy that recognises and meets the future needs of employers. That in turn needs to be shaped by insights into the shape of the world of work in 20-30 years’ time.

This meeting brought together Ministers of Education, senior officials and leading providers of education, vocational and technical training together with lead employers and those with insights into the future of work from ASEAN countries to contribute to this high level discussion. Experts from the United Kingdom will also share their insights into future digital workplaces, and innovative approaches from the UK education model of higher, vocational and skills training, and apprenticeships.


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