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Building Women’s Economic Empowerment into Climate Transitions

International Women and Girls Strategy: Rights, Freedom, Potential

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Programme Director
Alison Hilliard

Project Manager
Rachel Jewkes

To achieve the SDGs, inclusive growth that drives sustained exit from poverty is imperative. Without economic growth, sustained poverty reduction and climate resilience for the poorest and most vulnerable will remain out of reach.

Without concerted efforts to build women’s economic empowerment into climate transitions, including green growth ambitions, there is a risk of further entrenching inequality regardless of country context. This reflects the fact that women are overrepresented in low productivity, insecure and informal work that is at greatest risk from climate variability, climate shocks, and the transition to net zero.[1]

Building on the first Wilton Park dialogue in March 2023, this event will discuss models for green growth and climate resilience that advance women’s access to decent work and control over work-related decisions; access to and control over economic assets; and recognition, redistribution and reward for care work.

The dialogue will bring together actors working at the nexus of these issues from Governments, the private sector, academic, civil society, and multilateral institutions to explore the key roadblocks to building women’s economic empowerment into the green growth agenda and to share opportunities to work together to overcome these. It will also showcase innovative, effective initiatives from diverse geographies, sectors and actors, offering a collaborative and frank discussion to address shared challenges in a trusted environment.

[1] Work and Opportunities for Women: Women’s Economic Empowerment and Climate Change: A Primer (

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