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Caribbean 2030 - new thinking for a new generation III: Caribbean sustainability - green growth and good governance (WP1513)


This was our third meeting bringing the new and next generation of Caribbean leaders together. The aim was to encourage innovative thinking for the region through highly participative discussions between young leaders and key experts, and building a growing network and community of individuals from across the region who are passionate about the positive future for the Caribbean, and who can use their passion, their skills and work with this network to build an entrepreneurial spirit of collaboration across the region.

The Caribbean 2030 initiative is a UK-Caribbean partnership including CaPRI, the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the UK-based Caribbean Council and JN Foundation.

Our first meeting took place in the UK in June 2015. The young leaders identified their visions for the future direction for the region.

The second meeting took place in Jamaica in February 2016 June and focused on identifying the groups’ ambitions for four key themes to support innovation and entrepreneurship: Trade within and beyond the region; Finance, credit and business growth; IT infrastructure/technology and open/big data; Green growth and sustainability.

The third Forum built on the first two meetings with the specific aim of:

  • Supporting this network of new and next generation of Caribbean leaders to develop their outline vision for the Caribbean for 2030
  • Focusing on specific issues, primarily green growth and good governance, that enable the region to prosper, bringing people together from different countries and sectors, sharing cross-region expertise and ideas
  • Enabling the group to identify ways to turn their aspirations into action
  • Providing an opportunity to link the group to the UK and the Caribbean diaspora in
    the UK, and with other key external stakeholders who they might not otherwise
    have access to
  • Providing a neutral and residential setting for the group to meet together

Shorthand Social



We asked a selection of participants “What does ‘Caribbean 2030’ mean to you?”

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