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East Africa Strategic Horizons: Partnerships and Priorities




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Programme Director
Elizabeth Donnelly

Project Manager
Wendy Head

East Africa continues to experience its most significant political change since the end of the Cold War, manifest in contested transitions which have taken place in the context of wider global and regional changes, including in the Gulf/MENA region. These parallel transitions in particular have underlined growing regional (inter-)dependencies, and interact with megatrends such as climate change, changing demographics, and multipolarity in a contested global order.

It is crucial to have evidence-based foresights that can support planning, decision-making and action. This will help to prevent new crises from emerging and to manage our way out of existing crises. But it will also enable decision-makers to make the most of opportunities to revitalise economies and catalyse sustainable development.

This conference will examine the outlook for East Africa, offering an assessment of key trends, drivers, risks and opportunities, to help build a better understanding of the context to 2030 for planning and delivery. While taking a broad regional view, it will draw on deep country, cross-border and thematic expertise, considering the interconnectedness and influence on outcomes among Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda, but also extending to the near abroad.

Discussion and exchange will produce insights into plausible futures and linked recommendations for regional and international partners on how to prioritise efforts and resource, while considering complex local and external influences. The conference will bring together a wide range of international actors to help inform and challenge thinking and build a network to realise emerging objectives, help prevent crises and enable progress.

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