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Leading by example: implementing Anti-Corruption Summit commitments on transparency in public procurement (WP1502)



The meeting brought together government and civil society representatives from countries that made specific Anti-Corruption Summit commitments to fight corruption through increased transparency, in procurement, open contracting and beneficial ownership. The following countries participated in the meeting: Afghanistan, Argentina, Colombia, France, Italy, Kenya, Mexico, Nigeria, Ukraine and the United Kingdom.

These representatives were joined by global experts, anti-corruption practitioners, business representatives, international civil society and representatives from institutions such as the World Bank and the OECD, which are involved in increasing integrity in public procurement.


The meeting helped government and civil society representatives from the participating countries to develop a better understanding of how to take the necessary next steps towards implementing commitments made at the Anti-Corruption Summit. This will put them into a good position to unlock domestic innovations and report back on progress at upcoming international fora. The other meeting representatives gained a better understanding of how they can best contribute to supporting implementation of beneficial ownership transparency and open contracting within their own spheres of influence.

Specific meeting outcomes include:

  • Connecting practitioners to each other for peer-learning and support, contributing to an emerging peer network;
  • Jointly identifying opportunities, challenges and strategies to implementing these Anti-Corruption Summit commitments;
  • Sharing approaches, tools, and practices in anti-corruption open contracting, and beneficial ownership across countries, sectors, and projects;
  • Exchanging new ideas and concrete plans on how to accelerate and deepen implementation of commitments to beneficial ownership transparency and open contracting.



The meeting was organised jointly by the Open Contracting Partnership, The B Team, Transparency International and Wilton Park.


We asked participants “What is the next step for tackling global or national anti-corruption?”

Additional information

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