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Realising the potential of the internet to deliver global development and prosperity (WP1255)



Tuesday 30 to Wednesday 1 May, 2013

This roundtable meeting provided an expert forum for up to 60 people including senior government officials, industry, NGOs, academics and other experts from a range of countries to discuss ways to maximise the use of the internet in the development context as a dynamic platform for innovation and economic growth.

The meeting:

  • investigated and deepened understanding of the development opportunities provided by a thriving internet
  • identified measures to bridge the digital divide and ensure equitable, safe and reliable access
  • considered what’s needed to ensure strong levels of cybersecurity in order to maintain end user and business confidence
  • explored ways to enhance co-operation and build trust between states, regional and multi-lateral bodies and non-state actors

Further information

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The Role of Internet in Global Development by Satyan Mishra, Co-Founder, Drishtee

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