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Reforming international governance? [WP1112]



Wednesday 15 to Friday 17 June, 2011

There is broad agreement the challenges of globalisation require international institutions to reform.  Views differ on how, and at what speed.  Following the financial crisis of 2007 to 2009, economic issues have become ever more important in international relations, with power shifting towards emerging economies.  We asked, how far is this reflected in institutional terms? How has this impacted on the UN Security Council?  What are the prospects for Security Council reform?

Global economic governance reform is on the agenda of the G-20 summit of November 2011 under France’s Presidency.  We asked, how far does the G-20 have legitimacy to discuss these issues? How does it engage with others, and what are the constraints to its action?

Against this background of discussion of global governance reforms, the meeting achieved the following:

  • contributed towards informal consideration of UN Security Council reform
  • examined how reforms to international governance can best respond to contemporary geopolitical and economic realities
  • input to the G-20 summit’s discussion on global economic reform.

Further information

Jean Asselborn, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs presentation is available to download as a PDF [113KB]

Marie-Josée Jacobs, Minister for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Affairs presentation notes are available to download as a PDF[162KB]

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