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Securing technology: sustaining a high quality cyber security workforce

September 2024 I WP3334



September 2024

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Associate Programme Director
Rob Black

Project Manager
Wendy Head

Cyber security is a nascent profession, but also an essential dimension of any organisation and nation in a digital world.

This Wilton Park dialogue will bring together cyber skills expertise from across the UK and its international partners to consider how we can sustainably raise the bar for cyber security practitioners globally. It will encourage discussion as to how we can ensure standards and requirements are understood the same across international partners – similar to the more established medical and engineering professions. Participants will come together to discuss different approaches to cohering cyber security as a profession and the skills frameworks that are used to define and determine skills needed by professionals within their own context. There will be opportunities to compare approaches between different communities, and different nations, informally benchmark approaches and share best practice as well as facilitate opportunities for closer working on relevant initiatives.

The event will provide a challenge function to members of the community who are focused on the various different strategies and initiatives aimed at addressing the cyber skills and competency gap, offering them a chance to hear from subject matter experts from both the cyber community, the skills community and other disciplines who have had to deal with similar issues.

The key output will be to encourage closer working between international partners to commonly define the different specialist areas across cyber security and seek to establish how existing certifications and qualifications can align to the range of expert and junior level roles.

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