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Tackling corruption: making progress, learning lessons and building capacity (WP1654)


In September 2016 we organised an event in partnership with Transparency International (TI) and other NGOs to look ahead at implementation of anti-corruption commitments countries had made at the May 2016 international summit hosted by the UK. That event examined opportunities, challenges and tools for implementing anti-corruption commitments.

Taking place more than two years later, this dialogue in partnership with TI:

  • reviewed international and country specific progress since the May 2016 UK Summit in the implementation of anti-corruption initiatives;
  • shared lessons from both cases of successful implementation as well as those where implementation fell short or failed;
  • helped build capability and capacity within government, the business community and civil society to tackle corrupt practices through greater transparency and the development of cross-sectoral anti-corruption networks within and between countries.

Transparency in public procurement, open contracting (and its impact on health) and beneficial ownership constituted major focal points of the discussion, as did thinking about the different elements needed to construct an effective national anti-corruption strategy. TI country chapters from Afghanistan, Ghana, Jordan, Kenya, Mexico, Nepal, Nigeria, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Uganda and Zambia led discussions on key issues on which they are working.

Additional information

Public Procurement Transparency and Open Contracting
(Transparency International UK)

Beneficial Ownership Transparency
(Transparency International UK)

Wilton Park Participants’ commitments (Commitments on public procurement and open contracting at Anti-Corruption Summit on 12 May 2016)

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