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UK & India towards a digital future

Wiston House 8

A forum to discuss the effectiveness of existing policy approaches and explore what new approaches are needed to co-create a more innovative and supported approach to the development and absorption of AI/machine learning technology.

This Wilton Park dialogue will bring together relevant stakeholders from UK and Indian government departments, stakeholders, private sector business and technology companies, educationalists, NGOs and think-tanks to share experience and best practice in creating a thriving national and international AI eco-system for the future, with a specific focus on the work undertaken within the healthcare sector.

For both the UK and India, the rapid development of AI poses great potential to become world leaders in this expanding technology. It is widely recognised that increased use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) can bring major social and economic benefits. But both countries face challenges. Skilled experts are needed to develop AI and they are in short supply. Considerations around the right ethical context and governance for the use of AI are not as advanced as the rapid development of this technology requires.

The industry remains male-dominated, thereby disadvantaging women who could provide a much-needed response to the skills shortage. And despite the governments of both countries establishing solid models for supporting AI development, the UK and India both remain way behind the world leaders, the US and China, in terms of both investment and the pace of innovation. Hence, there is a need to invest both time and finance to meet three key areas of challenge to their development as AI leaders: workforce and skillsets, research, and ethical concerns and governance.

In partnership with FCDO British High Commission New Delhi, Infosys Limited and The Alan Turing Institute

Wilton Park reference number: WP2024

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