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Unlocking the potential for the World Trade Organisation to deliver modern trade deals (WP1456)


In the aftermath of 10th Ministerial Conference in Nairobi, the World Trade Organisation (WTO) finds itself at a pivotal moment. It is clear that WTO must effectively move past the Doha mandate without leaving the core issues of the WTO behind- if it is to re-establish itself as the driver of global trade liberalisation and the pre-eminent forum for trade negotiations.

One of the largest challenges within this lies in considering how the negotiating arm of the WTO can continue to work for developing nations and to facilitate modern trade deals.

The UK government is committed to international diplomatic engagement to ensure that the WTO is well positioned to remain at the heart of global trade negotiation.

Wilton Park will convene an outcome focused meeting for a group of trade ministers, opinion formers, civil society activists, business leaders and academics from key member states of the World Trade Organisation who could support changes in policymaking to ensure that the WTO is well equipped to meet is objectives.

This will involve looking at what the WTO has done well, where subject specific negotiations with coalitions of the willing in the WTO have enable progress and what key lessons can be expanded on.

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