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Working with China on sustainable growth: the climate change, environment, energy nexus [WP1000]

This conference discussed the following points:


  • As China moves from an export-fuelled economy to one that relies on domestic consumption how can its industry develop in a more sustainable way?
  • What mechanisms can be put in place to manage resources cost-effectively while achieving a “harmonious” relationship with the environment?
  • As global efforts to combat climate change rise on the international agenda, how can they be made a priority for Chinese political and business leaders?
  • How can green measures become an integral part of the economic recovery process?
  • How to finance new technologies?
  • What role for NGOS, the media and cyberspace in raising awareness of environment issues?
  • How can international business links encourage a “green” approach?
  • How can China incorporate environmental awareness in its resource trading strategy, particularly in Africa?

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