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Summary actions and next steps

Monday 22 – Wednesday 24 January 2024 | WP3235

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The following ideas and joint intentions were discussed, and attendees are encouraged to take these forward. Please see the full readout below, and Annex A for specific commitments that will be shared with participants only.

  • Working more intentionally across sectors, including by participating in and ensuring cross-sectoral participation in existing coalitions (Safe to Learn; the SRGBV Working Group, Coalition for Good Schools).
  • Increasing meaningful dialogue with teachers, children, youth and survivors when developing policy and programmes on VIS, including ensuring that there is representation in existing coalitions and networks.
  • Testing and piloting targeted approaches for those most impacted by VIS including children with disability, those in crisis context, members of LGBVTQ+ community, and in the online space / cyber bullying.
  • Developing clear, accessible, information on the state of relevant global architecture, collaborative platforms, coalitions and governance, given that this is currently difficult to navigate. 
  • Collectively raising this issue on the agenda at upcoming strategic political, and education sector, moments and events. Clear priorities were:
    • Education World Forum – London (May 2024)
    • AU Year of Education
    • GPE board meeting – Germany (June 2024)
    • ECW ExCom – Berlin (June 2024)
    • CIES – Miami (March 2024)
    • Summit of the Future – New York (September 2024)
    • SVRI – South Africa (October 2024)
    • Violence Against Children Ministerial – Colombia (November 2024)
  • The development of a global shared research agenda on violence in schools, led and informed by country partners, mapping existing research in the space and building on the gaps.
  • Hardwiring violence prevention into national education investments, and for funders to encourage and support education multilaterals to do the same.
  • The production of a ‘State of the World’ report on violence in schools.
  • Breaking down the global World Bank Investment Case, and adapting it to produce national level reports and data on the economic loss caused by VIS.
  • Jointly calling on Ministries of Education to sign onto the Safe to Learn Call to Action.
  • To further elevate political will the idea of coalition of a ‘big five’ leaders committee or commission on this agenda was discussed.

Emily Laurie with the additional input of the partners

Wilton Park | March 2024

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