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Emerging ideas

Initiative What Who When / First steps
Davos of Human Rights International retreat series with participants from across governments, NGOs, businesses, non-traditional human rights allies to build partnerships and trust. 2-day retreats in 5 regions building up to a high-profile conclusion. Mixing viewpoints and hierarchical levels Hosted by one or two powerful foundations with strong human rights programmes in partnership with member states, partnering with CSO and academia for programme design UN Summit of the Future: starting point for reflections on “Human Rights at 100”
Recognise the rights of young people UN Convention to find harmonized approach to protect young people Member states hosting regional consultations undertaken by Special Procedures First Step: Global consultations of young people with special procedures. Timeframe: Within 10 years
Simplify Human Rights Language Human Rights Education and learning beyond “human rights lingo”, based on simple language around dignity, civility and respect, showing the benefits of Human Rights for everyone. Human Rights communications experts, NHRIs, Funded by member states concerned with democratic backlash In countries in the year running up to elections, based on practice and know-how of existing initiatives, namely from the global South.
Protection of Human Rights Defenders Two Challenges: (1) Killings of Human Rights Defenders; (2) Reprisals in the UN System. There is a lack of blueprint for a coordinated response by states, despite variety of initiatives (UNSG Office, UNSR, UN Women) HRD Memorial: Data collection. UN SR HRD Human Rights Ambassadors Group Mapping of existing initiatives and UN mechanisms with states in lead, followed by central mechanism for reporting. Media has crucial role in implementation. SDG16 discussion, led by Group of Human Rights Ambassadors
Implementing the EU Due Diligence Directive EU Directive on Due Diligence: Create positive dialogue space for implementation. Member states with businesses and NGO UN Summit of the Future
A safe space at HRC for controversial debates Encourage broader Core Group membership for resolutions on contentious issues (e.g. Human Rights Defenders Resolution) Member states Next Session of HRC
Bring together traditional and non-traditional HR actors EU Directive on Due Diligence as example: Identify allies in global industries not engaged yet regularly with human rights practitioners Member states and businesses ASAP
Enhancing Youth Participation across the UN  Youth representatives to implement roll-out and publicise conclusions of Summit for the Future. Envision reporting to UNGA/HRC as follow.up Youth Representatives UN Summit of the Future
“Ubuntu Project” (“Colonial Heritage Project”) Analyse how “family values” initiatives have been proliferating across the world through colonialism Global South Member states, NGOs, etc ASAP

Next steps

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