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Wilton Park Advisory Council

As a member of the Wilton Park Advisory Council (WPAC) you will play a key role in supporting an organisation committed to supporting vital diplomacy.

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About Wilton Park

Wilton Park is dedicated to solving the most complex global challenges. A home of strategic thought, respectful dialogue, and discreet diplomacy, it’s the place people go when they need answers to difficult questions. It’s where people turn when they need a space to resolve differences. It’s a belief that dialogue and expertise can make the world a better place. Partners work with and return to Wilton Park because of its unique ability to generate new ideas, help them find practical solutions, and support them in building networks of influence.

Wilton Park brings together government, business, civil society, and the expert community in a secure environment where they can challenge, understand, and learn from each other. For government, Wilton Park helps to inject external thinking, build networks, promote agreement, and harness expertise that improves policy and provides strategic foresight. For businesses, it provides unique insights, a platform to engage with policy discussions and the opportunity to understand governments and make themselves better understood. For civil society groups, Wilton Park supports their representation and coordination so that they can maximize their impacts.

As an Executive Agency of the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO), Wilton Park is proud to support UK foreign policy development. It directly supports UK diplomatic objectives and plays a vital role in strengthening cooperation, dialogue, and multilateralism. It’s primed and ready to help partners navigate an increasingly complex international order.


As a member of the Wilton Park Advisory Council (WPAC) you will play a key role in supporting an organisation committed to supporting vital diplomacy. You will provide strategic input, develop new ideas, and bring to bear your expertise, to support the work of an organisation which directly promotes UK diplomatic objectives. You will have the opportunity to work alongside a diverse range of inspiring colleagues, focusing on some of the biggest challenges facing the world. This is a role for someone who has an international perspective and is ready to use their skills in an organisation where they will really make an impact.

WPAC is led by the Chair of the Wilton Park Board, The Rt Hon Baroness Gisela Stuart. Its task is to support Wilton Park programme development, to help identify new areas of work, and secure the resources for their development.

WPAC meets twice a year, either at Wiston House in West Sussex for meetings, dinner, networking, and overnight stay or at the headquarters of the FCDO in London for a one-day meeting. On both occasions Wilton Park and FCDO colleagues will join to share ideas and discuss future plans, ensuring that vital feedback and insight is exchanged.

WPAC comprises a diverse group of experienced individuals from a range of sectoral, policy, geographical and organisational backgrounds with a keen interest in the UK’s strategic foreign policy priorities, and the experience and networks to support and fund Wilton Park’s programme of dialogues. Members have the opportunity to get involved and attend Wilton Park events and Wilton Park colleagues are available for discussion and support too.

We aim to achieve an appropriate balance in diversity, including gender, ethnicity and age. Members are appointed for three years, with the possibility of a second three-year term.

The collective role of WPAC is to:

  • Advise the Chair, Gisela Stuart, and the Chief Executive, Tom Cargill, on the strategic direction of Wilton Park’s programmes and dialogues;
  • Provide practical experience, contacts and advice on partnerships with other organisations, including potential sources of intellectual support and revenue generation; and
  • Provide advice and external challenge to the FCDO as necessary.

You can find out more about WPAC here.

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