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A global vision for meningitis by 2030 and an action plan to get there (WP1521)


This meeting was designed as an opportunity for global experts on various aspects of meningitis, health systems and patient advocacy to collectively think about long term goals towards defeating meningitis by 2030.

It was envisaged that the meeting would help to achieve a global vision for meningitis, offer a strong call to action and help to build a taskforce for the delivery of a multicomponent roadmap towards defeating meningitis.

It was a high level overview of key themes, with many essential topics being touched on lightly in order to bring a variety of views from different stakeholders together in one place in a unique way. In doing so it started a process that will lead to more detailed discussions that must follow.


Conference report (UK)

Conference report (French)


We asked participants to tell us about their vision for meningitis in 2030 and how the event’s discussions will help achieve it.

Day one summary

Day two summary

Day three summary

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