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A One Health approach to building antimicrobial resistance National Action Plans in middle and low income countries (WP1477)

This meeting  focused on the National Action Plans (NAPs) which WHO member countries are drafting to tackle antimicrobial resistance (AMR). It brought together representatives from countries in middle and low income economic settings who are leading the development and implementation of their NAPs, sharing their experiences so far and learning from one another. NAPs should embrace a ‘one health’ approach to combating AMR by addressing all relevant sectors: agriculture, livestock and human health. They should also consider the importance of incentives for the development of new treatments and the stewardship of existing drugs.

The event built on the recent resolutions agreed by the WHO, FAO and OIE to tackle AMR. It followed the Science Summit organised by the Wellcome Trust in April 2016, providing a scientific basis for NAP development. The discussions also took into account the findings from the independent AMR Review, led by Lord O’Neill, which were due to be published around the time of this meeting. It took place ahead of the UN General Assembly in September 2016 where a high level meeting on AMR is due to be held.


We asked participants “What is the threat posed by AMR in your country and what is your country doing to tackle this?”

Further information

Review on Antimicrobial Resistance (published 19 May 2016)
WHO AMR Resolution
FAO AMR Resolution
OIE AMR Resolution

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