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Assisted Voluntary Returns: working together for greater effectiveness [WP1193]


In association with the UK Border Agency and Foreign and Commonwealth Office


The workshop brought  together senior UK officials, diplomatic representatives from key countries, NGOs, diaspora groups, international agencies, academics and other experts to raise awareness and understanding of AVR; learning from shared knowledge; and exploring and developing policy and practice for the most effective way forward for a successful AVR programme. The key objectives were:

  • To increase understanding and awareness of AVR among key stakeholders, and to encourage greater dialogue and collaboration
  • To learn from gathered experts what works well, where improvements are needed, and what are the key elements for an effective AVR programme in the future
  • To think creatively about possible new models for effective voluntary return
  • To consider what elements constitute a successful AVR policy, including discussion of reintegration and development benefits, as well as returns targets

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