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Aviation: post Kyoto control structures [WP947]

This conference will provide an opportunity to air and discuss the issues of aviation post-Kyoto control structures in the ‘safe’ environment that our discussions can provide.

The conference will include the key stakeholders for policy discussions, including national and international policy makers and industrial and commercial parties, and would be informed by semi-technical/scientific input.

The aim is to provide a neutral forum for stakeholders to explore some of the key issues and test options and practicalities in a neutral and non-binding environment, with time to exchange views and understand the issues, differing opinions and possible areas for agreement/compromise.

This conference discussed the following points:

  • What are the main effects of emissions upon climate?
  • What do current projections of aviation CO2 say about the sector’s relative contribution in the future?
  •  How does projected growth differ regionally?
  •  What account should be taken of non-CO2 impacts given emerging knowledge and remaining uncertainty?

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