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British German Forum 2011
Delivering a secure and prosperous future in a fast changing world [WP1095]


Shifting powers, changing environments, global threats and domestic uncertainties – how can the world, as it emerges from a difficult decade, begin to move towards a more secure, stable, just and prosperous world?

The 2011 British German Forum brought together some of Britain and Germany’s young and bright ‘high fliers’ (aged 25 – 35) to explore and discuss the threats and opportunities facing their respective countries and the wider world.

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The Forum explored the following questions:

  • How has the global order changed?
  • In the face of global uncertainties how do you balance security against freedom?
  • What can Britain and Germany do to combat future resource challenges?
  • What are the major domestic challenges facing Britain and Germany and how do they start to tackle them?
  • Can Britain and Germany remain key economic players and compete in a fast-changing world?
  • What do British parliamentarians say about Britain and Germany delivering a secure and prosperous future for their citizens?
  • What is the role of the modern foreign service?
  • Do young leaders today have different aspirations compared to previous generations?

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