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COP26 Energy Transition Council

Solar Panels WP1870, WP1900

Tackling climate change will only be possible if we move beyond the use of fossil fuels for power generation. Nowhere is this task more pressing than in growing economies where energy demand is increasing rapidly. The COP26 Energy Transition Council is an initiative of the UK’s COP Presidency that aims to connect such countries with the expertise and finance they need to grow their renewable energy sectors and provide clean energy access for all.  

Wilton Park is hosting and supporting the regional and ministerial meetings of the Council, using our experience and convening power to support this crucial process.  

Through the COP26 Energy Transition Council, we will bring together energy ministers, leaders of multilateral development banks, and heads of expert agencies to accelerate the transition to clean power.  Together we will work to ensure that for every country considering new power generation, clean power is the most attractive option.  And we will strengthen our support – through development assistance, climate finance, and the sharing of expertise – to help the most coal-dependent communities to achieve a just transition. 

Wilton Park reference numbers: WP1870, WP1900 

Past event dates: 4 December 2020, 16 March 2021, 23 March 2021

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