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Economics of Energy Innovation Systems Transition (EEIST) Retreat

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Monday 13 to Wednesday 15 March, 2023

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Programme Director
Robert Grant

Project Manager
Gemma Funnell

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has made clear that rapid and deep system transitions in energy-related systems are needed globally to meet climate change goals. Innovation will be essential to those transitions.

Governments face the challenges of decarbonising all energy-using sectors of the economy while maintaining the affordability and accessibility of goods and services, and of building competitiveness in new technologies and industries as the global transition accelerates.

This context demands economic principles and tools that differ from those most commonly used by governments, with less focus on static analysis of predictable quantities, and more focus on uncertainty and the dynamics of change.

This dialogue will gather participants including academic experts and government representatives, to  share learning on the application of dynamic analysis techniques to policy decisions on low carbon transitions. Participants will also identify opportunities for work to further advance understanding, build analytical capabilities, and inform policy.

Project manager: Gemma Funnell


In partnership with

Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy

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