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Energy Transition Council Ministerial

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Sarah-Jane Holtham

The Energy Transition Council (ETC) is a dialogue process bringing together over 30 governments and institutions offering global political, financial and technical leadership in the power sector.

The dialogue supports collaboration with partner countries to find, coordinate, and implement solutions more rapidly, including technical assistance through the Council’s Rapid Response Facility (RRF).

Wilton Park is delighted to be virtually hosting the seventh ETC Ministerial on behalf of the ETC Secretariat. This event will highlight how ETC partners are delivering their clean energy commitments in light of the ongoing crisis in Ukraine and its global energy security implications.

To meet our shared climate change goals, the global transition to clean power needs to progress four to six times faster than at present. The shift to clean energy provides the most effective route to ensuring climate and energy security, and long-term prosperity. It is critical that we collaborate internationally to drive this transition.

The ETC is committed to supporting partner countries with their clean energy transitions, ensuring that clean power is the most affordable, accessible, and attractive option for all countries to meet their power needs efficiently by 2030.

The Ministerial will offer space for open and frank dialogue amongst ETC partners and share experiences on key challenges in decarbonising the power sector. The meeting will also consider opportunities to mobilise additional financial assistance and other expertise through the ETC and its RRF, to raise ambition more widely as part of the Breakthrough Agenda’s actions in the power sector ahead of the COP28 Summit hosted by the UAE

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