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Equitable health futures in AI (WP1839V)


In the public domain, artificial intelligence (AI) interventions are assumed neutral and separate from human error, but this view fails to scrutinise the political nature of science, technology, and knowledge and the stakeholders shaping these data sets. In so doing, AI risks reproducing bias, discrimination, and inequity – a tool considered at the forefront of a new, machine learning age could in fact replicate the world exactly as it is today, with only a few global leaders charging the way.  Equitable health futures in AI means rethinking innovation and scientific practices to support inclusion, participation, and diversity of populations, especially those that are most vulnerable.

This special Wilton Park session with The Lancet & Financial Times Commission Governing health futures 2030: Growing up in a digital world will dive into approaches to data and AI for equitable health and health futures, with the aim of expanding the current concept of AI and identifying data governance models to meet global public needs and shape attitudes toward equity, democracy, and solidarity. 

Click here to find out more about the individual dialogues held to date:

Visioning the future: horizons for health and digital technologies
Thursday 3 and Friday 4 September 2020 | WP1786V1 

Visioning the future: governance pathways to better health futures
Thursday 8 October 2020 | WP1786V2

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