Visioning the future: horizons for health and digital technologies (WP1786)

Visioning the future: horizons for health and digital technologies (WP1786)

This virtual Wilton Park stakeholder meeting supports the work of The Lancet & Financial Times Commission Governing health futures 2030: Growing up in a digital world. The Commission is charged with developing a vision for digital health technologies and AI applications, with emphasis on low and middle income countries (LMICs) and improving health and wellbeing for children and young people, including their digital access to community based Universal Health Coverage (UHC).

Given the current global crisis, where COVID-19, climate change, inequity and discrimination have exacerbated global uncertainty and set to undermine global health advances, it is unclear if the current SDG model for reaching UHC by 2030 is sufficient.  This Wilton Park meeting will focus on two broad issues that will influence principles and possible governance models for digital frontiers in health futures:

  • The shape of health futures, given what we know today and the role of technology in shaping and influencing health futures from prevention, through to diagnosis, treatment and care.
  • Aspects of digital societies in different countries, regions, and cultures and the impact on the deployment of digital technologies for health, taking into account ethics, different value systems, political and cultural contexts, and broader notions of equity, inclusivity and digital citizenry.

Held across two consecutive days (3 hours each day), this meeting provides an opportunity for deeper thinking and sharing ideas on visioning health futures, the role of digital technologies in these futures and how governance frameworks may need to differ across different digital societies to ensure equity, inclusivity and broad public benefit. Ideas and challenges generated from these consultations will inform the development of governance options and pathways, which will be developed and considered in further detail in a follow on meeting in October.

Thu 3 - Fri 4 September, 2020
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