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Feeding the world: are new global agricultural policies needed? [WP927]

This conference discussed the following points:

  • How should national and international agricultural policies be shaped over the next 20-30 years given the significant changes in global agricultural production and demand in recent years?
  • How will climate change and population growth impact on supply and demand?
  • How can the expected constraints on production such as water and increased energy inputs be overcome whilst ensuring environmental sustainability?
  • What is the right international framework for trade that will support developing as well as developed countries?
  •  How can trade and distribution be improved to ensure equity of access?
  •  How can risks of supply shocks be best managed?
  • Should the market have free-rein or is more protection or government intervention needed or likely?
  • How will global agricultural politics be shaped in the coming years?
  • Are new international structures needed to manage the global trade in food commodities?
  • Who should pay for policy responses such as long-term investment in agricultural production or strategic food reserves?
  • To what extent will food-importing countries look to secure food supplies through purchasing the means of production and with what long-term impact on global supply?

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