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How to balance food security with sustainability of agricultural production [WP1004]

This conference discussed the following points:

  • How to balance the need to meet increased demand for food with the ability to increase production given climate change, scarcity of land and the depletion of resources?
  • What is a sustainable diet? How will this change and with what impact on the needs of agriculture?
  • How to grow more from less without burning rainforests, eroding soil quality or destroying natural habitats or biodiversity?
  • How to reduce carbon inputs and dependence on oil use in agricultural production over the long term?
  • What developments in science and technology are needed to generate a further green revolution?
  • How to translate its applications into practice?
  • How to ensure greater access and equity and reduce waste?
  • What is the future use of land and how to balance competing needs?
  • What trends in foreign direct investment and with what impacts?
  • How to square the circle between enabling countries to ensure adequate food supplies for their populations yet guarantee food to net food importing countries?
  • What should international food and agricultural policies look like for the next fifty years?
  • What investments are likely to most beneficial?

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