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Investing in peace: spurring private involvement in post-conflict peacebuilding [WP848]


Thursday 11 to Saturday 13 January, 2007

Our discussion:

  • What is the role of the private sector in peacebuilding? Is the business of business just doing business, or does business have responsibilities beyond this? What is the business perspective on working on conflict vs working in conflict?
  • How are conflicts changing and what does that imply for post-conflict reconstruction and peace-building?
  • How can the business/investment risks of post-conflict settings be assessed and mitigated to foster private sector investment and development? What is the role of home states, host states, international organisations, NGOs, risk consultants and private security providers in creating an investment-friendly environment in (post) conflict zones?
  • What is the role of partnerships among these actors in mitigating risks and fostering investment? How valuable are voluntary codes, guidelines and collective initiatives in enabling conflict-sensitive business practices?
  •  What lessons can we learn from post-conflict countries and private sector engagement?

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