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Learning Climate: Forging shared solutions on education, environment and climate change  

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Preparing education systems to better withstand climate change impacts and develop climate-smart populations by mobilizing cross-sector partnerships behind a common framework for climate action in and through education.   

Global development debates, needs, and resources are being re-shaped by the urgent threat of climate change and environmental degradation. Low and lower middle-income countries are some of the hardest hit, and the populations most exposed to these impacts are also the most vulnerable, especially girls and women. Extreme weather events are increasing in severity and occurring almost five times as frequently as 40 years ago, disrupting the education of nearly 40 million children a year. Even when children stay in school, climate shocks and slower onset environmental changes such as hotter temperatures and air pollution affect their development and learning.  

Yet, education can be a powerful force to advance our capabilities for climate adaptation and mitigation. Evidence shows that education can reduce chronic vulnerability to climate-disasters, provide communities with the means to understand and adapt to the rapidly changing environment, and prepare the transition to greener livelihoods and economies. The climate and learning crises are deeply interconnected, and so must the solutions be. 

In partnership with the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office and the Global Partnership for Education, this dialogue convenes key actors, representatives, and stakeholders to develop a shared understanding of the challenges and priority needs across different contexts and to work together to identify key elements for an action plan on ‘climate smart’ education systems.

Wilton Park reference number: WP2047

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