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New challenges, new partners, a new UN development system? [WP1183]


In association with the FUNDS project and the Ralph Bunche Institute, and with generous support from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Swiss Agency for Development and Corporation, and The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs


This conference sought to make the current UN development system more effective in the context of evolving global challenges and is part of an ongoing and dynamic process towards greater reform.

The specific objectives for the event were:

  • consider how to accelerate the Delivering As One process in the light of the   2012 evaluation, both at the country and headquarters levels;
  • examine the implications of two global perception surveys for UN reform (2010, 2012)
  • consider how, structurally and procedurally, the system could become more effective in addressing contemporary development challenges, in the context of the changing aid architecture;
  • consider the evolving role of the BRICS in the UN development system, as funders and partners, and their influence on individual parts of the system;
  • review the evolution of private funding to the UN and the multi-donor multi-partner trust funds which have grown up in the last ten years;
  • review the impact and effectiveness of the UN development system in assisting developing countries to achieve the MDGs, as compared with other public and private development assistance channels;
  • consider a post-2015 UN development agenda, with goals as appropriate.

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