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New configurations of international order: values, principles, alliances and alignments (WP1436)


Sunday 22 to Wednesday 25 November, 2015

In the light of a rapidly evolving international system, Wilton Park and the Pandiá Calógeras Institute organised this invite only, international conference to examine the shifting dynamics of international order.

This meeting aimed to:

  • Better understand how these features and trends affect relations amongst states
  • Explore the importance of values and principles in world politics
  • Identify strategic approaches to help strengthen a rules-based international order

Coming to grips with the complexity of the numerous conceptions around the world of how international values, principles and rules should be framed and adhered to, of how markets function, and of the foundations of political legitimacy, can provide valuable insights and experiences for all stakeholders. For 200 years or so, first Europe and then the United States achieved a kind of world dominance that is now slipping into history. The ending of that dominance should inspire exploration of new strands of thinking and possibilities.


We asked participants “What would be the single most important initiative/idea to reinvigorate multilateralism?” Here’s what they had to say.

Peter Vale, from the University of Johannesburg


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