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Public-private investment partnerships in health systems strengthening [WP909]

This conference discussed the following points:

  • Explore how PPIPs might be useful in low and middle income countries in the context of the overall goals of the health system and health priorities; and identify environments that hold particular promise for these models.
  • Identify critical prerequisites for PPIPs including how to ensure sustained political commitment; and the role of the government in creating and monitoring a managed market that protects the public interest.
  • Stimulate well managed and evaluated PPIP experiments at scale, in the health sectors of several developing countries. These may include areas such as hospital PPIPs where there is some experience, and innovations such as primary and community based health services.
  • Identify actions on which donors and national policy makers can collaborate to promote progress in thiscritical arena, including the role donors might play in sharing risk to encourage and leverage privatesector investment.

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