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Sustainable development & climate change post COVID – A UK audit of nationwide perspectives & capabilities


Up to 10 virtual events outsourced to partners in different parts of the UK will seek to identify more diverse organisational strengths and profiles across the UK that may contribute towards more informed national decision making, in the build up to the UK’s hosting of COP26. 

Across the UK, businesses, local government, civil society and others are increasingly active in global efforts to prevent and adapt to climate change. This November the UK hosts the UN Climate Change Conference COP26, and Wilton Park is working with chambers of commerce across the UK to ensure British perspectives and expertise are fully integrated into these global discussions. 

Nine virtual events in different parts of the UK, including Glasgow, will gather local policy expertise and insights from business, local government and civil society. Their views will help inform Wilton Park and wider UK and international thinking and action on climate change in the run up to COP26.  

Birmingham Chamber of Commerce | 12 March 2021
Hull & Humber Chamber of Commerce | 22 March 2021
Glasgow Chamber of Commerce | 23 March 2021
Ayrshire chamber of Commerce | 24 March 2021
Doncaster Chamber of Commerce | 24 March 2021
Surrey Chamber of Commerce | 25 March 2021
Sussex Chamber of Commerce | 26 March 2021
Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce | 30 March 2021
Somerset Chamber of Commerce | 30 March 2021

Wilton Park reference number: WP1910V

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