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The European Union's External Action Service: ensuring strategic coherence and effective delivery [WP1065]


Monday 17 to Wednesday 19 May, 2010

We held a consultation to define the aims and objectives of the European Union’s External Action Service:

  • What is it for?
  • How to ensure that it has clear goals?
  • What should be its short and longer term priorities?
  • How to ensure it supports adequately the High Representative, Vice-President and President of the European Council and relates effectively to the European Parliament. How to achieve strategic policy coherence and differentiate roles and responsibilities with member states?
  • How to ensure the Service brings European and national foreign policy actors closer together, both with regard to better policy formulation and better policy execution?
  • What multi-lateral capacity should it have? What skills must be incorporated for effective delivery? How to ensure ‘joined up’ use of all the tools at the EU’s disposal in the inter-governmental (common foreign and security policy) and the Community policies (such as trade, aid)?
  • How to define the role of EU delegations and their tool kit?
  • How to ‘market’ the service and ensure effective engagement with external actors?
  • How to ensure its aims are communicated to, and in, member countries?

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