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The future of global markets for sensitive nuclear fuel cycle services: connecting supply and non-proliferation objectives [WP1194]


In partnership with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Department for Energy and Climate Change, London; and with support from URENCO Enrichment Company Ltd, Stoke Poges


One year after the Fukushima accident, it is clear that there will continue to be a significant expansion of nuclear energy capacity, centred in Asia, but with growth and some new entrants in other parts of the world, notably the Middle East. This projected expansion of nuclear energy capacity raises questions regarding how to meet demand for sensitive nuclear fuel cycle services — uranium enrichment and spent fuel reprocessing — in ways that do not increase the risks of nuclear weapons proliferation.


This conference examined:

  • future global demand for sensitive nuclear fuel cycle services (uranium enrichment and reprocessing);
  • whether and how a better and more coordinated policy and dialogue between developed and developing states can be achieved in the nuclear energy field;
  • how the expansion of peaceful nuclear energy use can be managed to prevent the emergence of new proliferation risks, such as meeting global demand for sensitive nuclear fuel cycle services through a resort to multilateral nuclear approaches (MNAs)

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