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The struggle for unity and authority in Islam: reviving the caliphate? [WP886]

This conference discussed the following points:

  • Is there such a thing as an ‘Islamic’ political system?
  • What are the key issues surrounding the debate about unity and authority in Islam?
  • What would governance “in the name of Islam” look like today?
  • What does the concept of a Caliphate mean in modern times?
  •  To what extent are some looking for it to be revived?
  • How does the concept of a revived Caliph resonate throughout the Muslim world?
  • What are the various voices weighing in on this issue saying about the concept of a modern-day Caliph?
  • What are the different regional views on the Caliphate?
  • What are the perspectives of minority or diaspora Muslim populations compared with those in majority Muslim countries?
  • What would a modern Caliphate look like?
  • How would issues of succession, legitimacy, political vs. spiritual leadership be dealt with?
  • Can an in-depth understanding of calls for a modern-day Caliphate by extremist groups be used to inform policy-makers with regards to countering extremism and terrorism?

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