Around 3,000 people attend our events in the UK and overseas every year.

Our network includes senior foreign policy makers, key specialists and respected thought leaders representing government, business, civil society, thinktanks, academia and the diplomatic service, and the number of participants is growing as we convene more meetings in new locations across the world.

Discussions are held in partnership with members of this international community and we welcome new relationships with organisations and individuals who share our passion for open dialogue. Ensuring that we have strong intellectual and financial partners allows us to expand our programme and encourage participation from the broadest range of experts across the world.

If you are an individual or organisation who is interested in becoming a partner, please read our Guide for partners on working with Wilton Park.

For further information, contact Jo Lawrance, T: +44 (0) 1903 817755


Wilton Park creates and maintains a strong and diverse community of intellectual partners and sponsors drawn from private and not for profit sectors as well as UK and overseas governments.