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100 years of chemical weapons and the future of the OPCW (WP1408)


Held in association with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the first use of chemical weapons during the First World War, and also to mark 18 years of the Chemical Weapon Convention, this seminar assessed the evolution of the OPCW over the next decade as it nears the completion of its historic task of global chemical disarmament. The dialogue put particular focus on:

  • the future of verification in the move from disarmament to non-proliferation
  • engagement and international cooperation
  • emerging issues for the regime, including potential new States Parties with a chemical weapons stockpile and the challenges posed by non-state actor

Conclusion: planning for 2025

The OPCW will be in a very different place by 2025. Its internal goals on destruction will be different, and its external setting will continue to evolve. The challenges can be managed and resolved, but this will require creative thinking, and a willingness to start the process now, if the Organisation is to be fit for purpose a decade hence.

Further information

British Embassy: The Hague hosts conference on chemical weapons

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