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British German Forum: collaborating for shared opportunities


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The aim of the Forum, throughout its 37-year history, has been to deepen bilateral relations between Britain and Germany, by inviting future leaders from both countries to engage in new dialogues and build partnerships.

The 2022 British German Forum will take the UK-Germany Joint Declaration, the German election and coalition agreement, and the Covid pandemic as starting points from which to look further ahead and explore three areas: transforming economies to adapt societies to climate change, learning from the Covid pandemic and practicing foreign policy based on ideas, causes and values.

This year’s Forum will provide a space for participants to look at how to respond to these challenges and opportunities and explore three critical questions:

  1. How could Britain and Germany cooperate post COP 26 to transform their economies to adapt to climate change and mitigate its impacts?
  2. What could Britain and Germany be doing to identify, learn and enact the shared lessons from the Covid pandemic?
  3. Where in practice is the common ground for Britain and Germany to work together on foreign policy?

As they explore these areas participants will be asked to consider both nations’ aspirations for greater national inclusion, be it tackling rising inequalities and cost of living’ or strengthening cultural relationships between cities and expanding urban diplomacy. Might this be useful in resolving the contradiction of Germany wishing to engage through the EU, while Britain wishes to engage bilaterally?

In partnership with British Embassy in Berlin

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