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Challenging Complexity - New tools to tackle tomorrow’s trickiest problems

Wilton Park is supporting Rebellion Defence’s event:

More data promised better decision-making – so why is this still so elusive? Today’s information environment remains complex and chaotic. Decision-makers and leaders across Whitehall and on the front lines have been left grappling with unprecedented challenges:

  • How can we develop strategy in a constantly-changing world, where data is abundant but unmanageable?
  • How can we deal with cascading consequences, which complicate the progress of our every intervention?
  • How can we improve decision-making in a rapidly evolving operational environment?

Systems thinking offers an exciting approach to these challenges. It brings clarity to a world drowning in data, but thirsty for understanding. It helps those seeking to integrate competing agendas: to break down siloed thinking; to understand network dynamics; and to manage responsibilities more effectively.  In parallel, technologies including Quantum Computing, Artificial Intelligence, and Synthetic Environments offer policy-makers new tools to understand, explain, and manage complexity and its cascading consequences.

This event will unpack the new disciplines and technologies relevant to today’s security challenges.  It aims to take forward the work of the Integrated Review: to build resilience; to educate and to inspire. It will bring together leaders from Whitehall and the Armed Services, alongside an eclectic mix of academics, think tanks and technologists.  That network will contribute to better decision-making across different disciplines and departments.

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